The Top Five Thanksgiving Day Writing Tips

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Today you wake up, put the coffee on, and think of the long, luxurious weekend of eating and family time and days off from work. It’s Thanksgiving morning, and you couldn’t be happier about it. But as you go about your morning, you start to hear this niggling voice in your ear and your day begins to shape a little differently than you had hoped. The problem is, you’re:

  1. Thinking about writing
  2. Feeling guilty you’re not writing
  3. Cooking a lot
  4. Thinking about the pile of unwritten words that are banging around in your head
  5. Eating too much

WHAT? You’re not writing! You feel unsettled and chastise yourself for each moment you spend away from the keyboard. You have trouble enjoying yourself in the moment. Why is this? Is it because you’re behind your deadlines, or have too much to do? Perhaps it’s the Muse, poking at you, prodding you, begging you to get your butt-in-chair. Maybe you don’t know how to just TAKE A DARN BREAK.

(Or maybe it’s just the restless, kinetic energy that comes with being a creative.)

But on this Thanksgiving Day, I entreat you to—instead—do the following:

  1. Give thanks for the good that writing brings to your life
  2. Cook a lot
  3. Live in the present. Our experiences make excellent fodder for stories, after all, so gather them like pearls
  4. Eat too much
  5. Relish the richness that comes with being a part of the Writer Unboxed community

I give thanks for all of you, my comrades in arms—my inspiration—and my friends. I wish you all the warmest, brightest of holidays, no matter what form that takes.

And you had better get back to the writing tomorrow!

About Heather Webb

Heather grew up a military brat and naturally became obsessed with travel, culture, and languages. She taught high school for a decade before turning to full time writing and freelance editing.

Heather’s historical novels BECOMING JOSEPHINE & RODIN’S LOVER have been sold in six countries, were chosen as a Goodread’s Pick of the Month, and have received starred national reviews. Her books have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, France Magazine, and more.

Next up? Her WWI epistolary novel LAST CHRISTMAS IN PARIS releases from HarperCollins in Oct 2017.

As a freelance editor, Heather has helped over two dozen writers sign with agents, and go on to sell at market. She may also be found teaching craft courses at a local college. When not writing, she feeds her cookbook addiction, geeks out on history and pop culture, and looks for excuses to head to the other side of the world.